Take Notice- December

GREAT ADVIC E! Living in Miami Shores, Florida . . . I MISS THE SNOW! MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Winter is here. Go out for a walk, breath in the fresh, cold air and look around for nature’s sights to see in December.

Words and pictures from http://www.whentowatchwildlife.org/Index/Year/December.htm

The English Robin redbreast

This month look out for:

Birds visiting the bird table & hanging feeders
Last spring’s bird nests showing in leafless hedges
Bird flocks in wetlands and estuaries
Redwings, fieldfares and waxwings
Baby seal pups on our coasts

There can be no mistaking that winter is finally upon us in December, as frost grips the countryside and the trees are bare.  It is from now until next spring that the battle for survival is at its most extreme for most animals, as food is scarce and temperatures are low.  There are a number of tactics to get through this lean period.  One is to migrate to a warmer location, another is to stick it out on stored food…

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